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So what is the best way to get a second connection to the internet at home?

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Notquitegrownup Wed 04-Jun-08 22:31:53

DH is working hard each evening, and I just can't get onto mumsnet, these days! We are currently with btbroadband, which connects the computer to our telephone via a long wire and a doubler socket.

Can anyone advise on the best way to get a laptop onto the internet too?


anotherRaspberry Wed 04-Jun-08 22:32:37

Have wireless broadband

Heated Wed 04-Jun-08 22:32:48

Go wireless?

littlelapin Wed 04-Jun-08 22:33:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heated Wed 04-Jun-08 22:34:53

You buy a sender (e.g. Belkin sender, was about £100 when we got it by dh says they've come down in price a lot) and have a laptop able to receive it.

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:35:22

Either get a wireless router and come back here and we can help you get it running or (and this is what I use as wireless technology is pretty pants overall) go and buy either 2 or 3 Devolo plugs. (2 if you have a router with more than one ethernet socket. 3 if you only have a single ethernet socket. If you don't have an ethernet socket and need to upgrade you router this may be too expensive to consider.

Please tell me more about your internet router

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:36:38

BTW Most BT routers will have more than one ethernet socket - unless it is older than 3 or 4 years

Notquitegrownup Wed 04-Jun-08 22:37:34

Thank you for your amazingly prompt answers! Off to investigate wireless broadband . . .

Notquitegrownup Wed 04-Jun-08 22:39:20

(By-the-way - do we have to put our pc onto wireless too - in which case it would probably not cope, because it is practically steam driven) or do you run both systems in tandem?)

I am soooo not technically minded!

QuintessentialShadows Wed 04-Jun-08 22:42:37

Oh. blush time for bed it seems. I read that as "what is the best way to get a sexual connection to the internet...." blushety blush

ChasingSquirrels Wed 04-Jun-08 22:44:26

pmsl QS.
No - pc can be wired (into the router - which is usually a router/modem combined). My pc is wired into the router (you get a faster connection) and the laptop is wireless.

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:48:56

Use Devolo Plugs instead of wireless. One day everyone will use them and wireless will be old hat.

Simply plug one Devolo plug into an electric socket and out of the Devolo plug is a cable that you plug into your broadband router.

Then where ever your PC is or laptop. Plug a second Devolo plug into an electric socket and the cable coming out of it into (the ethernet port) on your PC / laptop.

Your entire electricity suppply becomes an instant network and you can simply plug in up to 5 computers.

Easy easy easy - you do not have to be technical to plug Devolo plugs into the electricity sockets.

The signal strength doesn't fluctuate like wireless, it doesn't every have to be 'repaired' and best of all you no longer need your broadband router near your PC. Mine is now under the stairs (out of site)

- LL thanks BigTech unlocked my account so I could password change :-)

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:50:51

site - blush sight

ChasingSquirrels Wed 04-Jun-08 22:51:08

that sounds good - but presumably doesn't work if you want to go in the garden or similar?

Notquitegrownup Wed 04-Jun-08 22:56:48

LOl QS!!!

Wow, thanks S&T. I shall certainly investigate Devolo plugs - don't need to MN in the garden

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:59:17

of course it works in the garden - just plug into an extension lead.

Laptops are rubbish on battery and respond much faster when on mains so you have a double socket extension lead, pop the devolo plug (available from Maplins) in one socket and the laptop mains in the other.

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 23:03:22


dLAN 200 AVdesk Starter Kit

+ lots of other places.

You can happily go for the slower plugs (80), they will be fine and cheaper, but as I'm a techie by trade, I choose the faster ones that were sightly more money

Heated Wed 04-Jun-08 23:04:40

A wireless router needs to be next to the modem and main computer & can use our laptop anywhere in the house & garden.

SlapAndTickle Wed 04-Jun-08 23:14:21

however there are so many wireless networks in urban area that they all clash and knock each others signals out.

EvelynsDad Thu 05-Jun-08 11:10:07

You can get a "mains pass through" home plug, so you only need one available socket.

admylin Thu 05-Jun-08 11:23:20

Wow, those plugs are on my list of things I need when we've moved. 3 of us are often fighting for the internet especially at weekends, this would solve our problems!
Wonder what they are called in German? Do any big brand names make them so I could search the company here in Germany?

EvelynsDad Thu 05-Jun-08 14:19:55

this page lists the following suppliers:

* Actiontec—HomePlug adapters, hubs, extenders
* Asoka, USA—HomePlug adapters, bridges, routers
* devolo AG—HomePlug adapters, routers, audio devices
* GigaFast—HomePlug adapters, bridges, routers
* Iogear—HomePlug adapters, bridges
* Linksys—HomePlug adapters, bridges, routers
* Netgear—HomePlug adapters, HD adapter
* Wilife—HomePlug home surveillance system
* Zyxel—HomePlug adapters, bridges

I would add Solwise to that list.

Devolo appears to be a Gernman company, so should be easiest to find in Germany.

admylin Thu 05-Jun-08 16:25:59

Thanks evelynsdad, will check that out!

SlapAndTickle Thu 05-Jun-08 23:21:45

LOL Thanks S&T surely for introducing the concept!

PLEASE NOTE: You need at least two to make a network (one each end of the link)
But you can add more than two to the network

RustyBear Sun 13-Jul-08 15:22:17

I've just got a couple of the devolo ones, having got fed up with ethernet cables going under the door to the family room - it really is as simple as just 'plug it in & it works'

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