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How do I create a video/photo collage

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kbaby Tue 04-Dec-07 16:23:42

I want to create video footage of pictures of DD and Ds along to music but I dont know where to start.

Can anyone help.

luciemule Wed 05-Dec-07 15:54:02

We use a very easy to use package called Windows Movie Maker.

It's dead easy to use, it saves the full movie into shorter clips, then using a time bar, you shorten and edit the clips as you want. Then you can add in music to match the length of the movie.

We've made hods of really good ones and my DH has even done one for his sister's wedding and my sister's wedding.

goingfor3christmaspuddings Wed 05-Dec-07 15:57:33 This is free to use of you just want to give others an online link to watch it. It's really easy to use.

luciemule Wed 05-Dec-07 15:58:42

ps - you can also add in still photos or capture some video footage as a still.

We also have another called Pinnacle but DH says it's harder to use.

kbaby Thu 06-Dec-07 15:46:53

Luciemule- Thanks im using it now, so far ive made the movie but now having problems getting music on it because of the way itunes saves the music. The addidng pictures and stuff was easy though.

PartridgeinaRustyBearTree Thu 06-Dec-07 16:13:20

If you want to make a video out of still pictures Photo Story is good, and free You can zoom in on the pictures 0r pan across them and add music, and you can either put it online or put it on a CD/DVD for grandparents. If you want to put it online & you don't have your own webspace, it might be easier to use something like goingfor3's link.

PartridgeinaRustyBearTree Thu 06-Dec-07 16:14:34

Sorry, forgot link for PhotoStory

luciemule Thu 06-Dec-07 21:52:11

We could only use music that was striaght from a CD, not downloaded as they have preotection written into them. Is that what the itunes thing would be doing?

Alian2 Wed 15-Mar-17 06:14:00

Hello, I noticed that this thread was more than one year old. But I would like to share the easy ways with you. There are mainly two options for you to make video collage, one is with desktop software like movie maker or apoweredit, another is with online services like Slidely or Kizoa. For the step-by-step guide, you may go to here:

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