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I am printing off photos - why are they coming out too green? Ds does not look green in real life.

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MuffinMclay Thu 15-Nov-07 13:59:45

It is a brand new printer.

Is it a crap printer, or something I'm doing wrong. I'm not the most computer savvy person so that is a possibility.

Mung Thu 15-Nov-07 14:03:12

I thought that when it came out too green it meant that the red was running short, but if its a new printer then it should be OK. Did you push the ink cartridges in fully?

Other than that...I can't really help...sorry

Kevlarhead Thu 15-Nov-07 14:03:45

If it's an inkjet printer you may have a blocked ink nozzle.

Piggy Thu 15-Nov-07 14:04:43

Have you chosen the "best" quality option for printing? I notice a difference with my printer if I print out photos without using the "best" option.

Chopster Thu 15-Nov-07 14:06:55

pmsl at 'ds is not green in real life'.

I'd say it is a cartridge problem, prob the ink isn't flowing through properly. Try wiping the heads of the cartridges with a damp cloth to get it running, then run a good few copies of the test sheet to check that they are running properly.

MuffinMclay Thu 15-Nov-07 14:11:36

Wow, that was quick. Going to investigate those things further now.

ib Thu 15-Nov-07 14:18:24

You should be able to print out a test page on your printer.

If there's nothing mechanically wrong with the printer and the photos just have a green tinge it may be that the colour balance on the screen is different from in the printer.

morningpaper Thu 15-Nov-07 14:20:37

You will be missing a colour

Run a Printer Check and see which colour is blocked

Run the nozzle cleaning cycle

You should find these tools in your printer properties

or just send to Bonusprint online - only costs about 10p each and is fabby photo quality

MuffinMclay Thu 15-Nov-07 14:22:20

Bugger, ds awake and bawling. Investigations will have to wait a while.

Thanks for all the ideas.

Piggy Thu 15-Nov-07 14:46:01

Ooooh ,MP - sounds good. Is it as good as "old fashioned" photos?

morningpaper Thu 15-Nov-07 14:53:54

yes it is!

L0uiseD Wed 25-May-16 15:07:51

You'll get much better quality prints if you use a print shop to print your photos. It's really reasonable these days! Fujifilm have a great mobile app called 'Fujifilm Imagine' which connects you to your local print shop!

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