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Which antivirus software?

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twofalls Tue 06-Nov-07 16:41:27

I have norton at the moment which is about to expire. Now I am self employed and have to PAY for stuff like that, am wondering if there are any cheaper options that are just as good.


sb6699 Wed 07-Nov-07 11:21:22

I have recently downloaded AVG which was recommended to me by Dell. Search for "grisoft" and you should find the site. Not sure how good it is yet but it is FREE!!!

RustyBear Wed 07-Nov-07 22:09:47

I've used AVG for a couple of years & I'm vary happy with it. You can get it here
The rest of the site (& the magazine) are very useful too.

RustyBear Wed 07-Nov-07 22:10:31

You will probably find your pc speeds up once you've got rid of norton btw.

sophierosie Wed 07-Nov-07 22:11:32

a third for AVG... also use the pay version for my work.

RustyBear Thu 08-Nov-07 08:45:09

Do you know how much it costs for a business sophierosie? - we've been thinking og going on to it at the school I work at.

twofalls Thu 08-Nov-07 10:34:58

thanks, you are right rusty, my pc is soooooo slow. Norton is huge I think. Will try AVG.

rantinghousewife Thu 08-Nov-07 10:38:04

AVG is wonderful fwiw, the chap who fixed our pc said the free version is more effective than either Norton or Mcaffee.

southeastastra Thu 08-Nov-07 11:03:14

spybot search and destroy and adaware and good to have as well as avg (all free dowloads)

twofalls Thu 08-Nov-07 11:10:19

what about a firewall, you don't get that with the free version. Do you need one if you have a windows firewall?

rantinghousewife Thu 08-Nov-07 11:10:47

Zone alarm

rantinghousewife Thu 08-Nov-07 11:12:32

You can use windows firewall but, we have Zone Alarm on both the pc and the laptop, you do have to allow access but I don't find it a hassle.

sophierosie Thu 08-Nov-07 13:26:57

I can't remember what ours was - we only needed one license as v small charity but we got a charity discount grin which I was very impressed with!

sophierosie Thu 08-Nov-07 13:27:34

Just seen you are a school and I'm sure they'll give you a discount too...

RustyBear Thu 08-Nov-07 14:47:14

Thanks -I'll try them smile

MaryBS Thu 08-Nov-07 18:13:39

Don't use AVG if you have Vista. I have Avast on my PC with Vista. Both AVG and Avast are good.

Zonealarm is a good firewall.

Zonealarm, AVG and Vista are all free...

Coolmama Thu 08-Nov-07 18:17:37

another vote for AVG here - Norton is a huge file and takes up an unbelievable amount of hard drive space.

WillyWonka Thu 08-Nov-07 18:20:02

We have loads of techy friends and they all use AVG so we do too.

uberalice Thu 08-Nov-07 18:21:50

AVG wins hands down. But remove all traces of Norton first, or they will fight like cat and dog. Honestly!

Polgara2 Thu 08-Nov-07 18:46:08

Why not AVG if you have Vista?

MaryBS Thu 08-Nov-07 19:21:24

Unless they've upgraded it, its not compatible.

twofalls Thu 08-Nov-07 19:35:57

I have been converted, removed Norton first smile, it was huge about 80meg! The AVG download was so simple and is working fine.

Thanks for the tips. Off to look at the firewall now,..

SoupDragon Thu 08-Nov-07 19:39:12

I have Kaspersky which includes firewall and a wonderful ad blocker which means I see none of the things people whinge about on Mumsnet

RustyBear Fri 09-Nov-07 08:54:02

btw I'm using AVG on Vista - seems fine so far....

justbeme Fri 09-Nov-07 13:28:16

hi i just tried to install AVG and it said access denied - i think i had this the other day on something else - it seems to think that im not the administrator. any one know how to change this "setting" on my system? Thanks

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