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Anyone got recommendations for Smart Phones??

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SmileysPeeples Wed 10-Oct-07 19:46:53

I am not techy at all, but in attempt to organise myself better would like a phone that combined diary and email also.

Should I go for a Blackberry, or are there others?

I like the look of the iphones coming out but don't really need a MP3 player.

I honestly know nothing, so any info or tips greatfully received.

SmileysPeeples Thu 11-Oct-07 16:47:46

No one have a smart phone ora Blackberry?

Or know anything about them???

HappyDaddy Thu 11-Oct-07 16:50:17

I'm looking at these at the moment too.

Current favourites are: Blackberry, Sony Ericsson P1i, or HTC Touch. None are cheap though. They all have same functionality but Blackberry doesn't have a touch screen.

HTC Touch looks and acts just like an iPhone (yum).

SmileysPeeples Thu 11-Oct-07 16:54:02

So they all do the same thing?

I want to use it as a diary and for email, not fussed about music playing/camera etc.

Been drooling at the iphone, but think if I don't want to play music and watch videos on it then it's not worth it.

HappyDaddy Thu 11-Oct-07 16:57:11

They are all pretty much the same price I think. With smartphones you'll always get some functions that you don't use.

Sod it, get the iPhone. Who cares if you don't use half the functions, it's gorgeous.

Here's betting you end up an iTunes addict soon after! grin

SmileysPeeples Thu 11-Oct-07 17:04:51

Well I do alrady have an ipod and love that, so am addicted to itunes already. But I only really use my ipod at home in my lovely bose docking station and also download lots of podcasts onto it. But I don't takre it out and about and listen with eraphones.

Sod it, your probaly right I should get the iphone.

you have to order them don't you? Not out until 9th November are they? will there be waiting lists?

What are smart phones like to use as a diary?

HappyDaddy Thu 11-Oct-07 17:08:24

I think smartphones are good as diaries. They'll synchronise into Outlook or Lotus Notes too, if you want them to.

I use my ipod daily on the commute, it's a real treasure. With the iphone, you can browse itunes through it's wi-fi connection. downloading tunes on the train...oh help!

Bose docking station? (drool)

GeekBoy Fri 12-Oct-07 10:40:05

errm.. ..the Vodafone Treos are smart phones.. ..been using a 750v for a while now.. ...looks like a blackberry (sort of) but also has a touch screen. Syncs with outlook but can also do 'regular' mail.. ...decent web-browser and windows media player also included.. .as well as pocket word/excel/powerpoint and a pdf viewer..

SmileysPeeples Sat 13-Oct-07 18:29:49

I was told by the man in carphonewarehouse that the iphone is not compatible with your regualr email account and you would have to set up a new account on the phone.

Is this true?

I wasn't impressed with the blackberrys TBH the keyboards were so piddly they were hard to manipulate accuately I thought.

I want an iphone.

Expedite Tue 15-Jul-08 13:31:01

'Is this true? "

No, utter nonsense.

lurkingdad Tue 15-Jul-08 19:27:05

look at the difference between a smart phone and PDA phone. Some software will only work on a PDA phone and the functionality is reduced on the smartphones. I had a smartphone for just over a year until I could persuade my company to upgrade it to a PDA phone ( HTC Tytn II) with much better functionality.

Obviously it depends on your usage but with my smart phone all I could do with Outlook tasks is mark them complete or add new ones, not actually edit them. Notes are also not available. The PDA phone is much much better in my opinion.

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