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I hear the Ghost in the Machine....

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sKerryMum Thu 04-Oct-07 11:52:52

and it's starting to freak me out.

My speakers give this intermittant HUM. Quiet, them HUM (but it sounds like ET sounds.....)

I only hear it when kiddos have turned volume up high.....

Should I get an exorcist out?

Charlee Thu 04-Oct-07 11:54:34

Maybe it's your huge spider and family living in there?


HotLove Thu 04-Oct-07 11:54:55

dont be frickin stupid wink

sKerryMum Thu 04-Oct-07 11:59:59

Ah, have your laugh.....

I'll get sucked into the ethernet and come and haunt you!!

Seriously though, does anyone ever hear what sounds like, I don't know "traffic" noises. Or do I just have dodgy monitor?

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