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how to make laptop wireless network, what do i need?

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onlyjoking9329 Mon 01-Oct-07 14:43:21

we have a main pc which has internet on it i want to make our laptops connect to the internet too.
my mate suggested a netgear thing with usb things that you put in the laptops, i have been looking and found some wireless network cards that slot into the laptops do these do the same job as the usb thing? any links to stuff would be good i will probably buy the stuff from agros as i have some vouchers.

ledodgy Mon 01-Oct-07 14:44:53

We bought something called a wireless re router from PC world I think it was about £30. Not sure if they sell them in Argos though.

ledodgy Mon 01-Oct-07 14:46:57

one here at argos

purpleturtle Mon 01-Oct-07 14:52:37

the network cards will do the same as the usb things, I think. You need these in addition to a wireless router.

I recently set up wireless network at home. Got a router in Argos, with a USB adapter which is in the desktop. Our laptop is already wifi enabled so doesn't need any more.

Does this make sense?

onlyjoking9329 Mon 01-Oct-07 14:59:57

yes i think it makes sense. so i don't have to have the usb thing i can have the card instead? then i need the router too

onlyjoking9329 Mon 01-Oct-07 15:01:12

or do i need the router and the usb thing for my desktop and the cards for the laptops?

flatmouse Mon 01-Oct-07 15:04:07

depends on your pc - if it's running xp or later you can configure it to be a wireless network - so long as it has wireless card/usb thingy - removes the need for the router (but obv you'd then have to have pc on for laptop to access internet).

We have a netgear wireless routed connected to our bb modem.

Laptops we have have built-in wireless cards.

Recently bought Belkin USB wireless thingy to make PC wireless. Took 2hrs to install, mainly because they sent the wrong drivers on the cd - so watch out for that one!

onlyjoking9329 Mon 01-Oct-07 15:08:58

that sounds complicated blush
my pc is fairly new and is running xp but sadly i dont know anything about pcs blush

flatmouse Mon 01-Oct-07 15:12:10

OK, so your PC connects to your broadband modem via a network cable?

So - if you want to be able to use laptop and/or pc on internet independantly of each other, i would advise a wireless router.

basically you are putting it in between your modem and your pc - so pc still can connect with cable.

If your laptop doesn't already have wireless capability then you will need to get wireless card/usb (card will be neater).

onlyjoking9329 Mon 01-Oct-07 15:16:07

thanks, thats what i was thinking plus the kids will leave the card alone but the usb thing may go walkabouts!
thanks for explaining it to me.

throckenholt Mon 01-Oct-07 20:05:09

you will need the wireless router whatever else you have - you can get a combined modem/router if you prefer.

If your laptop is new then it may have a built in wireless card. If not you will you need either the usb stick or the plug in bit - they both do the same thing. The usb stick you can use with any computer - so desktop or laptop.

Once you get it there will be instructions on how to set the wireless router up. Initially you will need to connect it directly to the pc to set it up, set pass words, limit it to specific mac addresses (eg the network card on your pc) etc. Then you disconnect and use the wireless connection.

Wireless can get blocked by walls a bit - and it is best to put the router up high in a room - the signal is less likely to get blocked then (ours sometimes got blocked by the dog sitting between the router and the pc ).

walbert Mon 01-Oct-07 20:14:16

Our Dell came with an 'airport' card that plugs into side to work with whatever wireless thingy you plug into your house, we got a Netgear wireless thing: it ended up being only one dh didn't throw at wall after 3 hours of trying to set it up!

walbert Mon 01-Oct-07 20:14:58

aND IT'S ANOLD HOUSE AND WORKS WELL THROUGH thick walls (sorry shouting!!)

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