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want to buy a monitor, help plssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

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turquoisenights Mon 01-Oct-07 13:55:54

hi all,
i am thinking of adding a monitor to my computer for my dd who is 6.5 years old so that she can practice some educational stuff on net.
where can i get an affordable one from and for how much?
thanks in advance.

HappyDaddy Mon 01-Oct-07 13:58:09

pc world are doing some for £100, or try

turquoisenights Mon 01-Oct-07 14:08:44

thank you happydaddy ,
any more advices?????????

Kevlarhead Thu 04-Oct-07 23:33:12

Look at kelkoo

They're a price comparison site.

Got my current monitor off them; it's a Hanton (which i'd never heard of) but has been great, (and substantially cheaper then anything else I could finf)

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