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Google: How to clear the history of what you have searched for?

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DrNortherner Sat 29-Sep-07 10:34:55

I ahve cleared my history, temp internet filkes and cookies but if I put a d in the serach box I get a list of all things begginning with d I have ever searched for.

Anyone know how to delete?


Chirpygirl Sat 29-Sep-07 10:43:03

Do you use firefox or internet explorer?
In firefox under tools it has an option for clear private data and that gets rid off it all for you including google stuff, but I dont know about IE I'm afraid.

pistachio Sat 29-Sep-07 10:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BandofMothers Sat 29-Sep-07 10:48:08

Oh, I wondered this a while ago when they all popped up and there were a load of male actors names from a "post a pic of a hot guy" thread ages ago. Thought DH would go hmm and that it might be a bit blush
<<<waits patiently for someone who knows>>>>>

pistachio Sat 29-Sep-07 10:48:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cosmicdancer Sat 29-Sep-07 10:49:55

When I click on the search box it lists everything I've searched then underneath there is a little highlighted text saying Clear History. Just Clicked mine - it's gone.

BandofMothers Sat 29-Sep-07 10:50:03

blush Oops, should have read thread properly, answer is already theregrin

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