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jumpy sky picture - need help please -

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derlor Wed 26-Sep-07 18:56:50

Looking for some help/advice regarding sound problems and jumpy pictures from my SKY+ box.

Usually always happens on C4 and is intermittent on lots of other channels including sky1 and sky premiere. angry

It is usually worse when we record programs and watch back on sky+

My sky+ box is about 4 years old (i think)

Is this a signal type problem or the box??

Considering geting SKY HD, would this resolve this problem??

Is there anyone who suffers similar or can solve my jumpy TV nightmare?????

derlor Wed 26-Sep-07 19:17:17


PersonalClown Wed 26-Sep-07 19:20:40

I get it on a few of the music channels, usually my favourite.
It's something to do with your second signal.
Hd wouldn't help because it's still 2 signals.
Try wiggling/replacing the wires and check you dish. It might have moved slightly in the wind.
Check you signal strengths before phoning Sky and shouting at them.

derlor Wed 26-Sep-07 19:25:00

hmm it's interesting it's your favourite channels that this happens on too- could it just be overuse of certain channels - have we worn them out?!?!?
thanks for advice though DH wiggling cables as i type!!

Lorayn Wed 26-Sep-07 19:27:07

Mine was doing this last night, I have called sky, they are sending an engineer round.
They tried resetting my dish and my box etc, but aren't sure what it is.
It was mainly on the ch4 channels and some movies with mine too.
I should find out what is wrong friday morning if you havent called an engineer out by then.

derlor Wed 26-Sep-07 19:56:44

thanks, we are out of warranty with SKY so would cost us £80 just to get someone here to look at it shock then probably about a £billion for parts!!!!
So REALLY want to fix it ourselves if poss.
Would be interested to know what was wrong with yours, ??hope it's not a new box that's needed!!

Lorayn Fri 28-Sep-07 16:43:36

The sky dude came round, apparently it needed realigning, it had probably been knocked and wasnt picking up all the signals from the satellites, apparently there are three satellites but ours only picked up one.

derlor Fri 28-Sep-07 19:39:18

oh Lorayn, thanks SO much for getting back to me smile so i need to send DH out to wiggle the dish then - OK it's TOP of his job list for the weekend!! wink

Lorayn Fri 28-Sep-07 19:51:45

apparently the dude went into the sky menu, on the box, went to system set up or something and signal strength went right up, so check that first then you can find out if it has improved or not. smile

derlor Fri 28-Sep-07 20:59:52

have checked and we have NO signal strength showing for power outlet 2 - hmm think we may have cracked this - thanks Lorayn, who needs an engineer huh?? wink

Lorayn Fri 28-Sep-07 21:02:48

Luckily mine was covered by the guarantee from when we moved house, saved us both at least 80 quid!!!
Just keep wiggling it!!!

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