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ANOTHER BORING VAT Question!!!! Thankyou kindly

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MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 11:54:08

Message withdrawn

Pixiefish Tue 25-Sep-07 11:54:39

from the date he went Vat registered

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 12:25:37

Message withdrawn

Tinker Tue 25-Sep-07 12:30:00

Well depends. Can reclaim VAT on some stuff prior to reg

Tinker Tue 25-Sep-07 12:32:14

Here might help

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 12:44:08

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 12:50:18

Message withdrawn

Tinker Tue 25-Sep-07 12:54:17

I think you might be worrying unnecessarily??? [hopeful rictus grin emoticon] Why not ring HMRC and ask for some help here

Kewcumber Tue 25-Sep-07 12:57:11

hionestly don't worry. VAt is much simpler than you might think. Don;t worry about reclaiming old stuff just start accoutning for VAT on the day he becomes VAT registered and your VAT package should calculate your VAt payment for you and probabaly even print out a return (or at least print out what you need to write on the return).

If your boss wants to reclaim old VAt he can pay someone qualified to do it.

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 13:09:35

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 13:43:49

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 15:07:11

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 15:07:48

Message withdrawn

Tinker Tue 25-Sep-07 15:09:26

No. Just get on with it smile

Pixiefish Tue 25-Sep-07 15:27:07

Just to complicate things soem things are Vat exempt. My dad is a funeral director and some things aren't Vatable but others are

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 15:27:58

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 15:28:40

Message withdrawn

bigwombat Tue 25-Sep-07 15:33:04

Don't worry! What does the business do? (then we can comment on whether there are likely to be VAT issues!)

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 15:48:50

Message withdrawn

Pixiefish Tue 25-Sep-07 15:51:59

With my dad for example- removing a memorial for burial is zero rated (as it's a necessary thing and not a luxury), most of the funeral is zero rated but the gravestone and flowers and things like that have VAT on them. Dh sells IT equipment and there are little idiosyncracies there. Second hand equipment differs to the new stuff. Personally I'd ringt he VAT office and have a chat

MellowMa Tue 25-Sep-07 17:17:00

Message withdrawn

Kewcumber Tue 25-Sep-07 19:52:09

or alternatively you can just look on the invoice to see whether it is zero rated/exempt/17.5%. Or you could read the long tedious manual....

MellowMa Wed 26-Sep-07 08:19:20

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Wed 26-Sep-07 08:33:19

Message withdrawn

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 26-Sep-07 08:43:08

I think you'll find that the services your company are providing are all VATable at 17.5%, as as Kew says, just look at the invoices from your suppliers to see whether there is VAT on them or not.

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