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dd2 randomly hit lots of keys on keyboard and now everything is big

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eandh Sat 22-Sep-07 16:49:34

any idea how to restore back to normal size?

crokky Sat 22-Sep-07 16:57:44

if it is the internet, try holding down control and scrolling the mouse centre wheel thingy

ChippyMinton Sat 22-Sep-07 16:59:41

in your toool bar, click on
text size
select the siz you want - i'm guessing it's set to largets at the mo

nannynick Sat 22-Sep-07 17:02:00

Try Ctrl and - key at the same time.
Try Ctrl and 0 key at the same time.

If that does not help... describe more about eveything being big, is it just in one application, or in anything at all you open.

Try a full reboot... that can sort issues sometimes.

NAB3 Sat 22-Sep-07 17:02:41

My 2 year old did that last week too. I had to come out off the internet and back in for it to go back to normal size.

eandh Sat 22-Sep-07 17:09:29

am off to try some of these and also need to feed the child that did this be back in a bit

eandh Sat 22-Sep-07 17:30:08

well she had managed to change everything, tried all suggestions didnt work so went into control panel and display and she had changed pixels/resolution (not sure what they are) to 800x600 i have restored the right size and it works hurrah

thankyou for all your suggestions

Spidermama Sat 22-Sep-07 17:33:45

How about holding down Ctrl and scrolling the mouse scroller?

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