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Hard Drive Suitable for itunes

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Nip Wed 19-Sep-07 14:38:57

My itunes is on my work laptop (which it shouldnt really be on!!). I have thought about getting an external hard drive.

Does anyone use on for itunes? Or have any suggestions which is the best to get?

I have 2500 songs on my itunes so as you can probably guess it slows the machine down a lot.

TIA grin

throckenholt Thu 20-Sep-07 11:37:30

um - why would having a lot of tunes on your harddisk slow it down ? Fill it up yes - but slow it down ?!

I would have thought any reasonable external usb disk would be fine to connect to your pc.

Nip Thu 20-Sep-07 11:39:57

Well since installing itunes and putting all the tracks on - i guess that the amount of memory used is causing it to slow. Therefore i thought about putting it all onto a external HD so laptop speed will get back to normal

<<creeps off thinking she maybe totally missing the pointgrin>>

throckenholt Thu 20-Sep-07 11:42:10

it doesn't use up memory to just have things sitting on your harddisk. It uses memory to run programs etc.

It may be that the disk being full it taking longer to find things - you might want to try defragmenting it - that will regroup the files on the disk and can help speed things up again.

jura Thu 20-Sep-07 11:50:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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