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Ridiculous amounts of spam. How do I get rid of it or at least report it?

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Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 14:20:17

I havent a clue where its coming from but its annoying the hell out of me.

All the emails look like they are coming from different people but when I look at the email address they all start with "ds".
They're selling the same things too, a canadian pharmaceutical company, cheap computer programmes, Bingo and Megadik hmm

I dont mind the odd spam emails but now I'm getting 50+ a day.
So how do I stop it?

numptysmummy Sat 15-Sep-07 14:30:40

Can't help but i am too - getting on my bloody nerves. Although the Megadik is tempting grin

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 14:35:44

SNORT grin

I did nearly literally pmsl when I first saw that one

numptysmummy Sat 15-Sep-07 14:39:24

Do you get the one about wonder cum as well? Dh swears he hasn't used my puter for anything dodgy!

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 14:43:15

Wonder Cum!


But wtf is it?

Scotia Sat 15-Sep-07 14:44:25

Me too, yesterday I had well over 100 spam emails. I'm thinking I will just have to delete the account. I've tried blocking senders, but it doesn't seem to be helping. If anybody has any ideas, I'd be eternally grateful!

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 14:46:22

Well that was my last thought Scotia but I have so many things sent to my email, it would be a royal pita to change it.

numptysmummy Sat 15-Sep-07 14:46:22

God knows - like it aint messy enough!

numptysmummy Sat 15-Sep-07 14:47:16

It's supposed to inrease the amount of erm cum.

DebitheScot Sat 15-Sep-07 14:53:19

The spam ones come from people who get your email address from websites that you put them in to (I don't know how). The best way to get no spam is to have 2 email accounts. 1 that you use to email real people and 1 that you just use for all those websites where you need to put an email address in to register or if you do thinks like filling in surveys.

DebitheScot Sat 15-Sep-07 14:55:51

Or at least thats what I've been told. I don't know for sure as I was only told that after I complained about spam and I can't be bothered chaging my email address. I'm on googlemail and all the spam goes straight into a spam folder so I don't even look at it

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 15:07:37

I think I'll go back and have a look at my account.

I'll have to do something with it cos its driving me mad.

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 15:09:02

just had one from a Virgie Cummings hmm

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 15:30:32

and now it says Orange are having technical difficulties so I cant set up a new account angry

Having said that, bet everyones got the same idea!

nannynick Sat 15-Sep-07 17:36:06

My spam filter auto-deleted 54 messages today so far, having identified them as being spam. Just had a quick look through them, and indeed they are spam, though none of them have an email address starting with "ds".

If you find that you get a lot of spam, then try using a commercial spam filter. I can recommend the one I use - Free Trial of ClearMyMail

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 18:20:08

Just tried to sign up nannynick but I cant find my pop3 server name anywhere on my settings sad

Its so annoying its untrue.

nannynick Sat 15-Sep-07 20:27:15

Hard to know how to help with that, as different e-mail software keeps that sort of things in different places.

If using Thunderbird, it is in:
Tools, Account Settings, Server Settings, Server Name

If using Outlook Express, try:
Tools, Accounts, Properties, Servers

Rhubarb Sat 15-Sep-07 20:29:00

Do you know, I think spam is very underrated. I had a spam butty the other way, bloody marvellous!

Nbg Sat 15-Sep-07 20:32:17

Ahh now Spam as in spam from a tin, lovely.
Very underrated, as are Pork scratchings.

Rhubarb Sat 15-Sep-07 20:46:12

I farking LOVE pork scratchings!

GeekBoy Thu 20-Sep-07 17:13:26

current spam deluge is due in part to the Storm worm botnet that's currently being hired out to spammers.. ..seems to be calming down again now though..

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