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How do I get rid of line numbers please?

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CristinaTheAstonishing Wed 12-Sep-07 22:46:13

I have a document with line numbers in (on the left hand side) and I can't get rid of them. Someone showed me a couple of days ago and it seemed straightforward, just using a drop-down menu, but I forgot and I need to submit the document tonight or early tomorrow. Many thanks. (I've tried looking under every menu.)

BadHair Wed 12-Sep-07 22:59:16

Are they bullet point numbers? If so, highlight all text, then click off the Numbering button from your Formatting toolbar (looks like a numbered list). HTH

CristinaTheAstonishing Wed 12-Sep-07 23:02:56

Thanks, BH, it was worse than that, though. I worked it out: File - page setup - line numbering, unclick the button. That's what happens when the document changes hands from one computer to another... Now I need to check why some tables have been distorted - a fun evening ahead.

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