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Got ds a "my first MP3 player" for his upcoming birthday - WTF are MP3s?!!!!

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Alambil Tue 11-Sep-07 00:30:56

I know - really clever to get a present I know nothing about eh!!

He adores my sisters Ipod so I figured he will love this and it saves me having to listen to awful kids tapes in the car!

What I want to do is "upload" the songs on to it (and possibly a cd I have for him...?) before the day so it is ready to go, so to speak

How do I do this? Is it possible to upload a CD onto an mp3 player? Some of the songs will be "normal" as in the old song, Lollipop (his favourite) and Ruby Ruby

Please help! blush

PodPast Tue 11-Sep-07 00:33:14

you need to copy the cd onto a pc (it may have software to do this on it already - just shove it in and see what pops up) and then you should be able to attach the mp3 to the computer using a usb cable, and copy the resultant files onto the mp3. does this make any sense??

sparklygothkat Tue 11-Sep-07 00:33:15

You can rip the CD using windows media player and then download it onto the MP3 player.

JeremyVile Tue 11-Sep-07 00:36:30

Oh, he'll love it!

MP3s are basically digital music files. you can download them from all the online music sites.

To get songs from a CD I would imagine you'll first need to upload the CD onto your computer (turning the songs into digital music files) and then download them onto the MP3 player.

Alambil Tue 11-Sep-07 00:38:17

thanks - will see what happens with the CD... need to find it first!!!

I got it cos it was less than half price in ELC recently (£50 down to £20!!) and thought it is better for his ears cos it is "proper" headphones, not the in-ear types

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