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Leaking rechargeable camera batteries - some questions

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mylittlefreya Wed 29-Aug-07 18:43:45

It seems that the rechargeable batteries for our digital camera are leaking. Is that possible? I used it only yesterday and it was fine then. What has happened to it?

What leaks? How do I dispose of them? What did I do wrong, so I can do it right next time.

Sorry if this is the wrong sort of question to ask in here.

mylittlefreya Wed 29-Aug-07 18:44:15

I mean - what is the chemical that is leaking, as in how harmful is it, etc.

AttilaTheMum Wed 29-Aug-07 18:54:54

What type are they? Are you sure they were rechargeable, as ordinary batteries often leak if recharged in an ordinary charger. The most common type nowadays is Ni MH - i found this on a duracell website:
1. Inhalation Respiratory (and eye) irritation may occur if fumes are released due to heat or
an abundance of leaking batteries.
2. Ingestion Irritation, including caustic burns to the internal/external mouth areas, may occur.
3. Skin Contact
Irritation, including caustic burns/injury, may occur.
4. Eye Contact Irritation, including caustic burns/injury, may occur.

I'd wrap them up, put them somewhere safe, & check your local authority website to see if they have any recommendations for battery disposal.

mylittlefreya Thu 30-Aug-07 07:25:32

Thank you! They say rechargeable on the side, definitely. I will do as you suggest and get some new ones, or maybe some lithium long lasting ones.

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