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Need new 'puter. Advice please.

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sauce Sat 18-Aug-07 13:03:43

Our good old Dell is now 5 yrs old & struggling. My dream would be to have an Apple (they're so pretty!) But is it complicated to switchn systems? and should I get a laptop or desktop? I wouldn't be using it much outside the home but a laptop is def more appealing.

WanderingTrolley Sat 18-Aug-07 13:07:45

Do NOT go to PC World.

I don't even know if they sell Apples, but I'm thinking of your blood pressure here.

throckenholt Sat 18-Aug-07 13:09:29

laptops generally cost more for the same processing power - you also get a smaller keyboard and screen - in essence you pay a premium for the portability.

I don't know much about macs - but generally I have heard they are easy to use. If you are reasonably computer savvy then you should be fine switching to one.

I am tempted to say if you stick with windows then have xp it and not vista - I have not heard many people say anything complementary about vista .

If you want to play games then you need good graphics, a fast processor and lots of memory. If all you want to do is surf the net, word process, maybe edit photos then you can have lower spec for all of those.

And try and go for a flat screen monitor - they take up much less space ! Min 17 inch - 19 inch if you have the money.

sauce Sat 18-Aug-07 13:09:54

That's thoughtful of you, WT. (How did you know about my BP? Or was it an informed guess?)

Back to Dell, then?

throckenholt Sat 18-Aug-07 13:12:39

research what you want at places like pc world if you like - but don't buy there (or fall for their hard sell) - you can get much cheaper online.

If you like dells then keep an eye on their factory outlet - toggle the search options to see other specs - eg desktops.

sauce Sat 18-Aug-07 13:16:19

Yes, flat screen is non-negotiable. Our current screen is almost as large as the desk.

I'm also thinking that the dc will need puters - eventually - for their homework (the horror of all 4 of us fighting over 1 puter!) Is this where we'll be going WiFi? How does that work? Then would it make more sense for us each to have a laptop?

throckenholt Sat 18-Aug-07 13:22:12

you can have wifi in a pc - just have to add a card in the back (or even a usb stick) - easy to do.

You need to think how many places you are likely to use a laptop over a desktop - it really isn't easy using a laptop on your lap in my experience.

Have a look at that dell site - it give you an idea - you can an desktop with XP 2Gb memory with 300Gb hard disk for £5-700 - then you would need to buy the screen on top - £1-200 probably.

sauce Sat 18-Aug-07 13:25:19

Bliss to have someone who knows what they're talking about! Thanks throck.

sauce Sat 18-Aug-07 13:28:15

We've got the main desk in the attic. Dd has one in her room & ds will eventually have one in his. Then we've got another desk on the ground floor (4 floors, good for BP!) and the kitchen/dining room table, which is where homework is done atm.

KerryMumbledore Sat 18-Aug-07 13:29:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cammelia Sat 18-Aug-07 13:33:07

My 1998 computer died this year and I did what I did when I bougt that one: telephoned Hewlett Packard, discussed what I wanted and got it delivered within a day or so.

I have an HP L1906 flatscreen with Windows Vista Business software, new keyboard and mouse, and a colour printer: HP Color Laserjet 1600 Printer.

They are all fab.

KerryMumbledore Sat 18-Aug-07 13:34:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tissy Sat 18-Aug-07 13:38:55

I've swapped from an old Dell desktop to a new MacBook! It is fantastic, would never go back! Yes it is pretty, but it is SO easy to use. It's not that different from a pc, really does all the same things pretty much. I got the middle of the range MacBook (£899) with 1 GB of RAM, my brother, who knows about these things said that would be plenty for what I do, but you may wish to get more. I realise for the same money I could have got a very whizzy desktop pc, but this laptop has loads more power than my old desktop, and isn't likely to age as quickly.

You don't need antivirus software with a mac, as the chances of getting a virus are tiny, so that doesn't eat up your RAM. Wireless connection is a doddle. I can use it on my lap, but using a desk is more comfortable. The only thing that took a bit of getting used to was the screen size (but that would be an issue with any laptop, really), and the slightly different layout of the keyboard.

I use MS office at work, and sometimes need to work at home, so have downloaded Neoffice which is a free Office compatible programme- no problems at all with it so far.

Can you tell I'm a convert?

sauce Mon 20-Aug-07 10:17:03

Sounds extremely tempting!

Kaloo20 Wed 22-Aug-07 00:33:28

only buy a dual core processer - don't touch single core- they just won't have the kick needed for Vista. BTW you may as well go for Vista, if you don't buy a Vista capable machine now you will be buying your next PC quicker than you think !

Dual core AMD processer or Intel NOTHING ELSE
get the highest number processer you can afford

dell is good for home PC - you need to spend about £650 £700 for good PC to last necxt 3 years

do not buy from PC world, if it seems very cheap from non Dell place it is probably using old components - you get what you pay for with PCs ... cheap = becoming obsolete

buy power
not rubbish like top of range speakers or 1 year return to site warrenty, you simply don't need them - £5 speakers work just as well

As for the children, tescos have reasonable starter laptops @ £350 ish

themoon66 Wed 22-Aug-07 00:40:40

Blimey.. am havig to buy a new laptop myself. Mine died last week and I have to beg DS for use of his for MN etc.

I was looking on ebay at Dell with XP and 512 of memory. They were coming out abbout £350 max.

I guess i'm gonna have to up my budget and seriously consider ones with vista on.

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