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does anyone know of a charity that wants old Mac computers?

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vonsudenfed Thu 16-Aug-07 15:04:21

The great pre-moving clearout is beginning, and I have an old, very old, apple iMac in the garage. It sort of works, if you don't mind the screen flicker.

I've found loads of charities that will accept old PCs, but none so far that will take a Mac. Does anyone know of one, as it seems an ungreen waste to take it to the tip?

(or in the unlikely event that you're in Somerset/Wiltshire and want it, it's yours...)

liliac Fri 17-Aug-07 00:05:58

I was under the impression that all elctrical goods are stripped for parts at the tip. Try charity shops that sell white good, the BHF has a shop near us that sells mainly tables, chairs, fridges and sofas. Or ring a womens refuge, they take un wanted (good) funiture for the women who will be starting again with no funiture, they might want computers for the kids.

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