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Help ... want to order digital prints but haven't a clue how much editing to do first ..

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Millie1 Sun 12-Aug-07 20:52:19

I've hundreds & thousands of pics on our computer and need to get some printed so have registered with Photobox. I'm going through them & taking out redeye and doing any cropping etc which I want via Photoshop Elements but should I resize my photos before uploading onto PHotobox? If so, do I take them down to the 6 x 4 print size which I want? Thanks!

Millie1 Sun 12-Aug-07 20:54:34

Oh, one other question ... some prints are black & white - will they be accepted as part of the same order or do they need to go through separately.

Millie1 Mon 13-Aug-07 20:01:37

Bumping ... anyone?? TIA

ChorusLine Mon 13-Aug-07 20:06:00

Hi Mille

I think what they mean is shrink the size of each photo - as in reducing the memory space. There are resizing tools on here that will check for you...

ChorusLine Mon 13-Aug-07 20:13:46

something like this

Millie1 Mon 13-Aug-07 20:24:24

Thanks ChorusLine - I'll have a look at that site.

Expedite Thu 16-Aug-07 17:33:27

No need to resize your photos - you can choose what size you want to print them after you've uploaded them. The only advantage in shrinking them first would be faster uploads, but if you've broadband that's not a big deal anyway.

And yes, black and white are fine.

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