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Why does it say 'printer offline' when it is all plugged in etc? need to print something urgently!

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massivebigpantsface Wed 08-Aug-07 09:56:48


Marina Wed 08-Aug-07 09:58:20

Check the leads again, save the doc and restart. That's what I'd do. Are you at work/on a network? Is the right printer selected, if so?

massivebigpantsface Wed 08-Aug-07 10:01:56

thanks, i'm at home and nothing has been changed or moved. I've checked everything is plugged in ok and restarted!

Marina Wed 08-Aug-07 10:03:53

Hmmm. On some printers it's not as obvious as it should be if they are offline or not... (eg our otherwise excellent Canon Pixma) you sure a button hasn't been nudged?
Otherwise I've no idea I'm afraid

massivebigpantsface Wed 08-Aug-07 10:04:59

thanks for trying!

HappyDaddy Wed 15-Aug-07 13:58:34

does the printer itself say Online or Ready or have a steady green light?

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