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Numbering in Word? (like bullet points)

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Katymac Mon 06-Aug-07 10:39:23

When you do numbering in Word it indents each suib division


Can you make it so that each new number is in line with the others?




Otherwise I get very narrow paragraphs

Katymac Mon 06-Aug-07 10:40:33

So my clever example didn't work

But you know what I mean anyway

Tigana Mon 06-Aug-07 10:50:24

Yes you to explain...
Format / bullets and numbering / outline numbered
should show and option of either staggered or lining up as you want…click on the one you want…

AlienEars Mon 06-Aug-07 10:56:13

You may need to do what Tigana said, but then click Customise and go through each level of numbering and adjust the indenting so that it doesn't indent - a painful process but hopefully worth it if you're doing a long document!

Katymac Mon 06-Aug-07 12:24:55

I have done it & redone it

I can't get the silly thing to work

I want it to look good - not inconsistant and scrappy

RGPargy Mon 06-Aug-07 12:35:28

Format numbering

Outline numbering (choose the style you want)


Your first number will be number position : Left, aligned at : 0

Text position 36pt, indent at 36 (or alter to your preference).

Next, click on Level 2. If you're wanting all your numbers and sub-clauses to be straight down the left margin, just follow the steps above, making sure that the text is aligned at the same position, i.e. 36pt.

If you are wanting bigger gaps between paragraphs, unless you know how to create styles, i would just highlight all the text (ctrl+A) and then click on Format, Paragraph then go to spacing and where it says "After" change the number to 12pt. That should work for you.


Katymac Mon 06-Aug-07 12:44:24

Thanks everyone

I did all sorts of things - but I think I have made it work (fingers crossed)

It has taken a document which was nearly 30 pages down to 20

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