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DD has been banging on the keys of my laptop and now...

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missgriss Sun 05-Aug-07 10:37:41

....everything on screen is turned to the left! How the hell do I get it back to normal? I've tried turning it off and on again and it is still the same. I'm starting to get a crick in my neck.

I only left the room for 30 bloody seconds! That'll teach me for leaving things lying.

Aitch Sun 05-Aug-07 10:40:33

alt, control and the left/right arrow keys. dd does it All The Time... i finally worked it out by bashing the keys at the bottom corner of the keyboard like she does.

missgriss Sun 05-Aug-07 10:43:19

Thank you. That's saved me having to buy a neck brace for myself

Bugger knows how a 15 month old can hit all those keys simultaneously!

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