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Decent Printer Please!

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ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:09:53

I used to have a HP one..and the printing was great- but unable to ever get it to load thick paper/thin card

so have a lexmark cheapie...loads card brill...but is a cr*p printer!

I use it to assist me in making handmade greetings cards...

anyone got a good one....

fussymummy Sat 04-Aug-07 23:23:03

I have a lexmark copier, printer and scanner.

Also takes memory cards so can print pics without having to load to pc first.

Had it for ages without any problems.

ClutterJunkie Sat 04-Aug-07 23:27:41

fussy- how clear is the printing on lowest qhality setting?

on our was called 'fastdraft' and it was a pale print- but still ok

on my lexmark it is visibly lined and grainy.

could you let me know????

fussymummy Sat 04-Aug-07 23:55:43

Mine is fine. You sure you've not picked up a dodgey one?
I know when i bought mine everything printed yellow!!
I took it back the same day and it had something wrong with it.
They exchanged it and had no problems since.

scienceteacher Sun 05-Aug-07 00:02:00

I have a Brother all-in-one printer that I really like.

I selected it because I can network it. I plug it into my hub, and all the computers and laptops can send jobs to it wirelessly.

It does a good job printing and paper handling.

fussymummy Sun 05-Aug-07 00:13:34

Just had a thought, have you taken all tape off ink and made sure you've pushed it right in place?
Then print an alignment sheet.

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