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HELP-which mobile phone?

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sammysam Sat 04-Aug-07 15:37:26

Does anyone have either the Nokia N73 or the Sony Ericsson W660i or W880i?

I need very quick reviews.

I only use my mobile for phone calls, texts and to take photos when I can't find my camera-I know that would make the Nokia N73 better for me as the camera is better but have just seen lots of very bad reviews.....

Quite urgent as have the Nokia on its way to me now so phoning them to change asap would be good! (ps its an upgrade)

Any views would be good!

Nightynight Sat 04-Aug-07 16:02:15

What did the bad reviews say?

sammysam Sat 04-Aug-07 16:50:41

that it was very slow, crashed and had poor reception. But think the main problem was that it would take ages to open anything or to send a text

peanutbear Sat 04-Aug-07 17:10:28

I had a nokis 73 broke twice and never could get a signal

sammysam Sat 04-Aug-07 17:14:06

what do you have now peanutbear?

Magicmayhem Sat 04-Aug-07 17:21:40

this probably doesn't help you but I've recently got the sony Ericsson W710i... love it.... walkman, camera, video, and you can make phone calls too!

peanutbear Sat 04-Aug-07 17:41:26

MDA compact 3

peanutbear Sat 04-Aug-07 17:56:32

my new phone has built in sat nav etc Sony erricson cameras are good to though but These N range nokias are dodgy IMO I has a N80 as well and that was crap

sammysam Sat 04-Aug-07 18:39:56

How about the Nokia 6288-anyone got one of those?

There are too many phones and far too many reviews good and bad out there-at least if I ask you lot I can trust the reviews!

Nightynight Sat 04-Aug-07 23:06:40

"slow, crashes"
hmm. these problems might be fixable with a firmware upgrade from Nokia. However, in this case, one review I saw said that even with the latest firmware upgrade, the phone was still slow.

Poor reception depends on the network - the reception quality shouldn't be dependent on the phone, as this functionality has to pass rigorous tests before it is allowed on the market. If doesn't work, it wont be certified, full stop.
Note that this is a 3G phone, and the 3G network is not so complete as the GSM/GPRS network. You will inevitably get handover moments, when it can't find the (super fast) 3G network, and switches back to GPRS, and then looks clunky.

One thing that strikes me about this phone, is that Nokia seems to have crammed into it every single feature that has ever been included in any mobile phone. Its a Christmas tree of a phone. this is probably why its so slow. That big screen struck me as a battery guzzler too. It is a fantastic phone, and I'd love to have one to play with - but is it really the right thing for someone who just wants a basic camera handy?

Nightynight Sat 04-Aug-07 23:07:21

sorry, that was about the N73

sammysam Sun 05-Aug-07 08:40:45

Thats my point...but obviously the better camera would be good...but at the end of the day I just want a small phone with 2mp camera that is reliable with good battery life......any suggestions?

Oh and it needs to be available on 3

(the reviews I read said that it was just as slow after the upgrade, and that they had been on the same network before and hadn't had a problem. My dp's new phone is the same-hardly ever has reception in the house and drops calls but his old phone did)

PyjamaQueen Sun 05-Aug-07 09:01:59

I'm quite pleased with my Samsung U600 - liked the look of it better than the W880.

However, the one I think looks good at the moment is the Nokia N95 - quite expensive though.

sammysam Sun 05-Aug-07 10:18:51

Had a look at the websie and doesn't look like 3 do any samsungs

I'm a little bit worried about Nokia at the moment as they seem to shove everything they have onto the phones (most of which i won't use) which makes them slower and the battery last less time.

I'd in a way quite like a change as I have the Sony Ericsson K800i at the moment (on its last legs) which has been a good phone, and thought i'd like to go back to nokia for a year but i remember my last nokia was really slow and its put me off a bit.

God I'm sad that i'm so worried about it-its just when you are stuck with the phone for at least a year and you use it for 99% of your phone calls its quite an important decision-or am i just thinking about it too much? !

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