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HELP! I'm disorientated

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merryberry Wed 25-Jul-07 10:22:39

DS slapped my keyboard while looking at gorilla pictures. My screen content is now lying sideways - he has re-orientated it 45 degrees! The tool bar is running up the side of my screen and as I type the words and dribbling down the screen.

I am having trouble not falling over laughing, but dear god, help me! I have tried picking up and placing the toolbar back where it should be but no joy.

merryberry Wed 25-Jul-07 10:55:54


derah Wed 25-Jul-07 11:33:58

Hi Merryberry. I've forwarded a link to my geek husband, hopefully he'll know what to do.

chopster Wed 25-Jul-07 11:44:36

depends on what you are using. Are you on laptop or desktop?

try Ctrl+Alt+Arrow key first.

derah Wed 25-Jul-07 13:10:01

Sorry, geek DH has no clue and he generally knows everything! Hope you find the answer. Maybe get DS to bash it again? My dd always manages to do stuff I never knew computers were capable of when she gets hold of the keyboard!

Carnoodleusfudge Wed 25-Jul-07 13:10:38

Switch on and off?

ChipButty Wed 25-Jul-07 13:16:55

I think you can adjust the settings through your control panel - resetting as far back as you want eg 24 hours, 7 days etc. Not sure if this would work?

RGPargy Wed 25-Jul-07 13:19:42

Oh i've done this before. I'm just trying to think what it was that got me out of it!

SpacePuppy Wed 25-Jul-07 13:23:07

45 degrees? not 90?

chopster Wed 25-Jul-07 15:44:45

did you sort it? You need to go to display in control pannel there, then go click advanced and flick through the tabs until you find the option. Mine doesn't actually do that, so Im not sure exactly where it will be. Otherwise it's a registry error.

popsycal Wed 25-Jul-07 15:45:42

right more click over desktop
there should be an option to rotate the screen...

popsycal Wed 25-Jul-07 15:46:37

right mouse click then it is in graphics options or display modes (is on my work laptop...)

merryberry Wed 25-Jul-07 21:12:42

thank you chopster! I did sort it, The ctrl alt arrow was what it took.

i would never have worked that out! thank you all for your input.

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