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Any advice on buying an ipod?

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ganners Mon 23-Jul-07 15:29:33

My daughter (8yrs old) is desperate for an ipod and after months of grovelling, we have relinquished if she saves her pocket money to pay for half of it...can anyone tell me if they think the 2GB is enough memory for kids stories/music or should we go for a 4gb. Just concerned in a few years the ipod will be replaced with something else and she will want that instead. I have thought of the shuffle but think it is easier for her to see a screen and select the track she wants.... Thank you so much for any advice!

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Thu 26-Jul-07 17:58:59

My shuffle is 1gb and holds about 200songs. So a 2gb one should be plenty.

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