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Dd2 has pressed something - HELP!

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LoveMyGirls Mon 23-Jul-07 08:38:12

Now i've lost both the bars at the top and bottom of the screen so i cant go back, hit refresh, flick between mn and msn etc

totaleclipse Mon 23-Jul-07 08:42:25

Re-start computer.

massivebigpantsface Mon 23-Jul-07 08:43:11

can you right click and press 'undo'?
sorry, not an expert!

LoveMyGirls Mon 23-Jul-07 08:51:05

I've re-started a few times now. I've got vista if that makes any difference. I can get the bottom bar now if i press F1

AlienEars Mon 23-Jul-07 09:12:57

Try F11 - that switches between full screen and 'normality'

LoveMyGirls Mon 23-Jul-07 09:27:09

i've tried that its not doing anything. Thanks though I rang dp as hes a computer wizz but he was busy and after saying F11 and it not working said i'd have to wait til he comes home

popsycal Mon 23-Jul-07 09:28:22

do a system restore......

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