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***TECH pleeeeeeease help!*******

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fransmom Thu 19-Jul-07 22:19:32

i added a profile under another pseudonym and i changed back to an easier posting name. is it possible to also transfer my profil or do i have to add it again?


fransmom Thu 19-Jul-07 22:29:01


SaintGeorge Thu 19-Jul-07 23:19:30

As long as both nicknames are registered to the same email address you can move the profile.

Go to the public details page on your registration and click on profile mover.

Tech (MNHQ) Fri 20-Jul-07 19:34:34

Yes, what StG said. DId you manage?

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 22:47:22

have been away all weekend. will try that now. thanks to you both.

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 22:48:56

hmm. tried that. but then realised will have to long in under "old" name!

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 22:53:01

no. i spent most of the time on the phone to head office while they were trying to sort it out so it wasn't really me that did the hard work

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 22:53:25

bugger. sorry! x'd threads

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 22:53:48


fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 22:54:39

testing, testing. 1-2-3. did it work?

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 22:54:47


SaintGeorge Tue 24-Jul-07 22:57:26

OK, what is it you are trying to do again?

You have a profile as fransmom. Are you trying to transfer that to another name or one from another name to fransmom?

SlightlyMadSpider Tue 24-Jul-07 22:57:37

Log in with your current name.....(fransmom)
Go to the profile mover name

Then I think there is a box which says move profile from <dropdown menu with all of your old names> to "fransmom"

Select the pseudonym which as the profile you want in the drop down and it should be sorted.

It cn take a few minutes for changes to take effect.

Katymac Tue 24-Jul-07 22:59:13

When I clicked on this thread a few minutes ago Fransmom didn't have a profile - now she does - so I guess she made it work??

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 22:59:39

i've messed it up

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 23:00:27

huh? i'm fm and am very confused now! i think i had better leave it tonight and try sort it out tomorrow!!!


dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 23:01:07

oh gawd...........

SlightlyMadSpider Tue 24-Jul-07 23:01:18

Which name do you want teh profile was on Fransmom and now it is on the dumbledores one...

dumbledoreisaliveitellyou Tue 24-Jul-07 23:02:44

i want it on fm [wail.............]

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 23:05:02

'tis me <<<whispers... did it work???????????????>>>

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 23:05:57


sorry for the shouting

and thanks for all your help

SlightlyMadSpider Tue 24-Jul-07 23:06:06

The profile is on fransmom....leave it alone and go to bed!!!

fransmom Tue 24-Jul-07 23:06:35

thanks sms!!!

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