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Website - .com - . - . net - . de - . it - . eu ETC!!

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lurkylou Wed 18-Jul-07 07:19:56

If you are attracting clients to a website from different countries is it better to have one website (.com) and then have the site in separate languages


separate wesites (, .de, .it etc) for each language?


strawberry Wed 18-Jul-07 07:31:54

I think it depends what kind of message you want to give. That of a multinational business (.com) or locally tailored to each different country. I have clients from different countries and have a .com. I have also registered the and this defaults to the .com page.

lurkylou Wed 18-Jul-07 08:06:01

Shows how little I know - you can get one address to default to the other??!!

Right, that makes sense then because if I'm in Germany I suppose .de addresses come up before .com addresses???

Domain names are so cheap I suppose it can't do any harm to buy them all (well nearly all!!)

strawberry Wed 18-Jul-07 08:10:40

Don't ask me how though! I got a website designer to sort out all the technical stuff. I think you need to register several addresses - like you say cheap anyway.

lurkylou Wed 18-Jul-07 08:11:59

who was your website designer??

strawberry Wed 18-Jul-07 08:18:08

A local mum. I'm in Bucks. She charged £300 to produce the website (4 pages) and sorted everything out. I think it was reasonable - she spent a lot of time doing the designs etc.

lurkylou Wed 18-Jul-07 13:07:32

what's the website address?

LittleLupin Wed 18-Jul-07 13:10:52

Most large companies have a thing where you select your country and then it defaults to a local domain (.de etc). However, for a smaller company, I think a .com name and then subdirectories (/en/ , /fr/ etc) would be fine.

lurkylou Wed 18-Jul-07 18:13:51

Thanks for that littlelupin.

What do you mean by subdirectories??

Have been told it isn't necessary as the name will be in English and it's the keywords in site that are importmant. Not that the person who told me that appears to be an expert!!

LittleLupin Wed 18-Jul-07 18:24:02

OK, if you look at the top of this page, you will see <blah blah>

"Talk" is the subdirectory that this thread and the underlying code lives in. It's the same as folders on your computer - just a way to divide stuff up into manageable areas (you can also assign different access levels to different directories, but that is another thread!) VOA website in english VOA website in portuguese

strawberry Thu 19-Jul-07 12:36:12

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