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convery WMA files to mp3, should be easy right?

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MadEyeMisdee Sun 15-Jul-07 21:35:21

it bloominf well isnt.

i have downloading songs via msn music, all paid for, legal etc, but wont let me convert the files so i can upload to ipod.

says i need to original music disc to do it.

there must be a way round this, there must!

SaintGeorge Sun 15-Jul-07 21:39:17

Try this

MadEyeMisdee Sun 15-Jul-07 22:03:49

truied it, will only covert 30% of each file as unregistered songs. poops!

SaintGeorge Sun 15-Jul-07 22:30:49

Bugger. Will look around see if I can come up with an answer for you.

AttilaTheMum Sun 15-Jul-07 22:36:18

MSN 'help' file suggests burning it to CD first...

MadEyeMisdee Sun 15-Jul-07 22:52:45

i thought that ,ight what i have to do. grrr. i wanted to not do that and transfer it all. ah well.

Nightynight Sun 15-Jul-07 23:00:14

have you looked on
enter "wma mp3" as search terms and see what it comes up with.

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