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Challenge for you guys_____how to take music from DVD {or from video camera} and put it on a CD?_______

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RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:40:48

I have made a recording of some music using video camera with the lens cap on {on purpose} cos it was the music I wanted not pictures.

Now I want to put it on a CD

I have transferred it onto a dvd very successfully

Can it go onto a CD?

Can anyone answer the challenge?

I wonder if the deffo brill people on Mumsnet can answer that question or will it be the only unanswered question on Mumsnet?


DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:46:14

Course it can

What format is it in at the moment?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:49:07

Well it is still in video camera on DV tapes

and it is on the dvd by using ULEAD editing system ie it is in the dvd player and playing with brill music and blank screen

And it is still in the computer on the ULEAD program

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:50:03

Can you connect a DVD/CD rewriter and a dvd player togther and then record?

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:50:48

Can you open the ULEAD application
and try and save the file as Sound Only?

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:51:29

You could rip it off the DVD as a sound file
and then burn it onto the CD!

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:53:29

I will try that

The problem is that the ULEAD will only record onto VCD or SVCD

and I tried to set it to record onto VCD but it didn't work {I was using a regular CD}


RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:54:54

oh how do you do that

put the dvd into dvd/cd writer and then play

and then put back into the computer and then out again ?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:55:25

Thank you

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:56:06

Yes, that's it!

Can you give that a try?

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:56:55

Hold on - not 'play' but 'rip'.

What program do you use for listening
to music on your PC?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:57:40

usually windows

but I do have real player

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:58:25

Windows Media Player should work fine.

Put the DVD in and automatically a prompt
should appear - right?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 18:58:44

I have an internal DVD /cd player and an external dvd/cd rewriter

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 19:00:12

Use the internal player for the ripping
and the writer for the burning.

So put the DVD into your player first.

Need to log off for dinner but will
get back this evening - good luck!

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 19:00:52

Thank you

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 20:37:04

How did it go?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 20:47:06

It won't work

THe dvd is 4.4GB and the cd is 700MB

THe dvd won't rip atm

I am going to try again in the morning

Thanks for your help

I am sure I am doing something silly

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 20:58:22

RTK, have you got Ulead Videostudio?

Would this be the solution?

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 21:16:50


DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 21:28:11

Bugger I thought we had cracked it..

RTKangaMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 21:58:18

I have got to go now

Io will look it up on that site

Thanks for your help

DaddyJ Tue 10-Jul-07 22:17:50

It looks like Moviefactory does not have this feature
Basically, you are trying to 'export audio/wav file'.

We'll try another trick tomorrow.

DaddyJ Wed 11-Jul-07 08:26:24

Morning RTK!

The good news is that I am pretty sure
I know what you need:
enter 'extract audio from movie' into
the Google search box and you will find
lots of applications that would do it.

The bad news is they cost money.
Although they all have free trials so
have a look at what the trial version
allows you to do.

Kevlarhead Mon 16-Jul-07 00:38:53


Play film on computer, record soundtrack onto wav/wma/mp3.

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