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Keyboard mapping: characters in wrong place

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lilolilmanchester Sat 07-Jul-07 20:03:06

Got new computer running windows xp. A couple of the keys are in the wrong place (ie " and @ are transposed). Can just about handle that, except it slows the typing down, but we can't find the pound sign! Before we send the keyboard back, can anyone tell us if it's possible to re-map the keyboard, and if so how? Thanks

SlightlyMadSalmon Sat 07-Jul-07 22:44:38

It sounds as though it is probably set up on US settings or something.

>Control Panel
>Printers and other hardware

SlightlyMadSalmon Sat 07-Jul-07 22:53:11

Hang on - try this one first

>Control Panel
>Date, Time, Language, regional options
>Regional and language options
>Languages tab
>Under Text Services and input languages select 'Details...'

My keyboard is EN UK english, but that is all I have on the list. I suspect you have a US keyboard and I hope you can select a UK keyboard whcih I think will solve your proble,s/

lilolilmanchester Sat 07-Jul-07 23:57:55

Thanks SlightlyMad. Followed your instructions, and you are right, it says US english under text services. But no UK English option to change it to...

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:05:04

It's immediately above English (United States)
not below it

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:08:08

Nope. US English the only option in any direction

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:13:13

Stunning, I have just logged my work machine in to check and I can select one of 100's of languages

(ok so 100's may be a little excess)

v strange

ok go back to the regional and language option

then post

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:15:14

Select the tab
Regional Options
Choose English United Kingdom
Click Apply

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:16:12

then select the tab

in the Installed services tell me what language keyboard you have displayed

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:18:30

ok,so under "regional and lang options/ "regional options" tab I can select English (united kingdom). But under @languages"/ "text services and input"/ "details" I only get US. Am I in the wrong place?

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:19:35

to answer your second question , only English United States

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:25:25

click add
select english (United Kingdom)
click OK

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:25:44

kaloo, thanks tons for your help, need to go to bed now. Seems to me like we need to go back to the supplier ( a well known one!) DH had already tried the lang changes you suggest and got stuck cos only US Eng options. But at least we can go bakc to supplier knowing we've tried the right things! Thanks

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:26:18

ooh, ok, will try, hang on!!

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:26:53

don't be silly, the supplier will laugh you out of the shop, it's a simple setting to get the UK keyboard

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:28:45

then when you have selected English UK and hit apply. Then highlight English UK and click remove
and apply

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:30:07

sorry that should read

then highlight english US and hit remove

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:32:37

You are a star our "s are now "s instead of @s and we have our £s back! Thanks very much (and thanks for sparing us the embarrassment of going back to the manufacturer!)

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:34:32

you're welcome

lilolilmanchester Sun 08-Jul-07 00:36:16

(My DH has just said I probably shouldn't tell you who i work for!)

Thanks again, must go to bed now. Will think of you every time the key types what it is supposed to!

Kaloo20 Sun 08-Jul-07 00:37:57

let me see (just glanced at your profile)
south manchester
programme manager
how about IBM

BibiThree Fri 21-Sep-07 15:51:15

Thank you from me too!

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