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How do you Make your PC wireless?

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MaccaMacca Mon 02-Jul-07 16:08:04

I have ordered mine and am impatient so do not wish to re-order with wireless, as I am sure I can do this from the PC somehow?


chevre Mon 02-Jul-07 16:09:03

pull out all the wires?

PenelopePitstops Mon 02-Jul-07 16:09:28

Is it wireless enabled?

otherwise you can buy a wireless card for a laptop, or a wireless reciever for a pc and install that.

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 16:12:11

are you meaning wireless for internet? And you have jsut ordered a pc?
It's probably already got wireless built in, jsut about every pc has now.

MaccaMacca Mon 02-Jul-07 16:16:41

I shall need a wireless receiver.

My laptop has a card to enable it bit when

I ordered from Dell and therer is a litgtle list of things things you have to add on yourself....modem etc...

I forgot the wireless.

MaccaMacca Mon 02-Jul-07 16:19:36

So is a wireless receiver a USB2 cable?

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 17:29:31

No, you want a wireless router/modem if you don't already have one, then you will be ready to go.
a usb2 cable is a wire.

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 17:31:02

something like this is what you need, assuming you don't already have it. That plugs into your phone socket, then allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly.

MaccaMacca Mon 02-Jul-07 17:35:17

Oh I have that exact I just plug this into my new PC?

PenelopePitstops Mon 02-Jul-07 23:33:04

to recieve wireless on your pc you will need a wireless reciever, unless the router is near the pc so can be plugged in.

chopster Tue 03-Jul-07 09:49:26

if you want wireless, and your new pc is wireless ennabled, then you plug that into your phone socket then your pc wirelessly connects to that. I have that one, and would recommend it, but you might want to shop around.

MaccaMacca Tue 03-Jul-07 11:45:21

yes both chopter and penelope are correct. Sorted!!

Thanks guys.

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