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Best Email Provider?

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suedonim Fri 29-Jun-07 16:50:10

I'm looking for a new email provider as the one that comes with our ISP isn't very good. I want an address I can keep for ever and ever, and also I like to use Outlook/OE.

What are Mumsnet's recommendations for the best provider? TIA!

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Fri 29-Jun-07 16:51:47

i have googlemail which you can use in outlook

WideWebWitch Fri 29-Jun-07 16:51:59

I like gmail, which is google email. Yiou can search it, it's got lots of storage, fab imo. And I have my name as firstname.lastname@, which is good. None of this stuff.

suedonim Fri 29-Jun-07 17:04:14

I didn't realise gmail was Google! Ds1 has a gmail address. I'll have a look at that, definitely.

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