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Sims - Any addicts out there!!!

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Crazydazy Wed 20-Jun-07 14:41:52

DH bought me this game about 2 months ago and am totally addicted, I play it every single night and now DH wishes he'd never bothered!!!

Now though am getting bored with same people, anyone know how I get some more?

Many thanks.

SomethingIncrediblyWitty Wed 20-Jun-07 22:06:17

Get your Sims to swim in their swimming pool, build a wall around it, fast forward a few days,and start all over again. Bwahahahahaahahahaahaaaa!

SomethingIncrediblyWitty Wed 20-Jun-07 22:10:14

No seriously, it depends which format you have the game on, i'm assuming pc (which i haven't played - i've only done console versions). Have you tried telling your roommate to move out or getting a divorce? If you are in a free-build mode you might be able to create a new character from the main menu screen.

sarahlou1uk Sun 15-Jul-07 22:58:22

call a taxi and go to a restaurant or shop. You'll meet people there and talk to them. You can then use your phone to call them and invite them over.

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