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Options for mobile WiFi

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thatisnotanoption Wed 28-Feb-18 23:20:20

I need some help please!

I have bought a static caravan on the south coast which we can use 8 months of the year. We need to have WiFi - I want to work from there, and teenage dc will rebel without WiFi.

What are the options please? I don't want a regular monthly payment because our use will vary month by month (high in school holidays and nothing in winter).

Our phones are on giffgaff.

Any assistance much appreciated. TIA.

curious541 Wed 28-Feb-18 23:49:27

Not got it myself but it might be worth nipping to £ shop and grabbing a few different network SIM cards so you can check quality of signal to help make your decision. No point picking one them finding it has terrible signal there

Good luck with your search smile

thatisnotanoption Mon 05-Mar-18 11:27:28


cdtaylornats Mon 05-Mar-18 22:12:35

You can check your coverage above.
Get a gigabag (not a goodybag) as above - data only

And one of these or similar

thatisnotanoption Tue 13-Mar-18 18:17:11

Thank you!

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