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Kindle fire HD not charging well

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AwayAndStuffYourself Wed 14-Feb-18 22:03:52

I have a kindle fire HD, not sure which edition, but at least a 7..only 6 months old or so, but suddenly it's taking forever to charge and only holding its charge for a relatively short time. Is there any sort of techy process I can go through to fix it? Thank you ( it was a present from lovely hubby, so don't want to upset him by telling him it's not working properly unless I have to).

Cuddlepuddle Tue 27-Feb-18 22:47:14

I've had 2 kindle fire and honestly I think they are terrible , it had to stay plugged it otherwise it will die .

maybe it's a flaw in its battery.
Like most smart phones and tablets they all seem to have a good battery for the first year .

AwayAndStuffYourself Wed 28-Feb-18 06:26:56

Thank you for your kind reply! flowers

I have tried a different charger and it's now back to charging much more quickly (a few hours instead of 12!) and it seems to be holding it's charge better too (I might be imagining that bit though).

LunarGirl Wed 28-Feb-18 06:29:20

Same thing happened to mine, Amazon sent me a replacement for free. Had the new one just over a year now and it's started to happen again. Maybe contact Amazon to see if they'll do anything?

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