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Best gadget for listening to audiobooks(mainly)

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MysteriousSheep Tue 05-Dec-17 00:10:16

Hi, I'm wanting to get my 10yr old DS an ipod or similar. At the moment he doesn't have any tech at all - ie no tablet/phone/ds. It's not that I'm neccesarily against this, just he hasn't shown any interest in them so I haven't bought him anything yet iyswim?
I want to get him some kind of gadget that he can download and listen to audiobooks on. He would probably like to download and listen to music too. Could anyone point me in the right direction for a kid's first tech thing?? Ipod touch??
Thanks in advance

Battleax Wed 06-Dec-17 07:04:46

An iPod touch, maybe?

wheresmyphone Wed 06-Dec-17 07:23:05

If it has a sim it will he has access to internet. Just saying.

TwoBlueFish Wed 06-Dec-17 17:06:46

IPod Touch is probably the way to go. He’ll be able to download music & books (you can set it so all purchases have to be approved). He’ll be able to text/FaceTime other Apple phones when he’s connected to WiFi. Other option is maybe an android tablet, again lots of apps access to books/music, WiFi only but a bit bulkier if he wanted to carry it round.

ZarduHasselfrau Thu 14-Dec-17 15:20:02

If he doesn't need to be connected to WiFi and the outside world, an iPod Classic is a fantastic piece of kit, with a ton of storage, and much better value than newer iPods.

My one is almost eight years old, has been all over the world with me, and gets used for several hours every single day - never had any problems with it.

I would advise that whatever you decide to buy, get some different earbuds. The ones which come with iPods are utterly horrible; nasty sound quality, and very uncomfortable. Both of the white ones shown here are torture unless you have exactly the right-shaped ears! The black ones, on the other hand, usually come with three different-sized rubber bits, so can be adjusted to suit. I usually go with the smallest ones.

ZarduHasselfrau Thu 14-Dec-17 15:20:30

(You can click on the images to enlarge them!)

MysteriousSheep Thu 28-Dec-17 01:36:16

Thanks guys, I got him an iPod touch, he was shocked and really pleased! Have disbaled most internet etc, and set up family sharing. So far he has lived listening to audiobooks and messaging parents and grandparents. Seems a bit excessive for audiobooks but spose it’s the first step to getting a phone.

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