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Technicalities of managing bullying on social media

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keeponworking Tue 07-Nov-17 13:56:06

Hi all. Think this is the right spot for this as it's not about the emotions of being bullied or finding yourself in a group of teenage girls who are all unpleasant, nasty little wotsits, it's the technical aspect of managing this through your devices that I'd like to discuss?

So DD to my knowledge has FB, Snapchat, probably Whatsapp / Instagram, and will possibly be commenting on things in Quora and YouTube.

She's got a group of girls on Snapchat who have started being bitchy and vile to her. I want to give her details of what she can do to remove herself from being constantly abused including not only removing herself from/blocking the groups who give her grief, but blocking/hiding the individuals who give her grief too and those individuals who may not directly give her grief, but who also don't step up and challenge the grief-givers about their behaviour and just stand by whilst someone is denigrated and made to feel like shit about themselves.

I know she can block (or Hide as well on FB) so that's great, she can do that. She can presumably block individuals or groups in each case (?).

She can also make any of the above private (I know you can on FB for eg, but can you on the others?).

The problem (as I see it and please tell me if I'm wrong) is if and when she starts letting people back in to her social media-based life, what then? If she let one person in who had a non-private whatever, in starting to communicate with them even though my DD was private, would other people be able to see her messages and respond, or would they not? If they would, is there anything you can do to manage that or not??

Thank you.

keeponworking Tue 07-Nov-17 19:38:47

Anyone can help (shameless self-bump grin)? Was hoping to give DD some clear technical guidance on what to do because she's really getting some grief at the moment and short of 'block them' I don't know what other advice to give her.

PortlyWino Tue 07-Nov-17 20:04:44

Surely block them is the only advice. You block the trouble givers and bullies and talk to your daughter about how social media is a tool that is fabulous but can be misused. Mine has been schooled for years that whatever you post online can stay online forever, so you never ever post anything that you wouldn’t want granny or a future employer to see ever. Even adults seem to forget this. The ridiculousness of some IG and FB accounts! I saw a post on BBC today about a woman who lost her job because she “forgot” and posted pics on her fb of vulnerable people in her care. It’s like ones “right” to post on social media trumps all other rights or concerns with regards to bullying, privacy etc etc.

keeponworking Tue 07-Nov-17 20:20:23

Ok.... We've had many conversations about never posting personal images no matter how much you care about the person/think they care about you.

It's not DD who is misusing the social media - it's these horrible girls. DD is, sadly, only too aware of how it can be misused and the effect it can have, because of the effect it's having on her.

We can and indeed will block, but I need to be sure I've belts and braces'd it and considered all the details. Thank you for responding.

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