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Tell me about Roblox and if/how it can be made "safe"

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MrsFogi Wed 01-Nov-17 16:49:39

Dd2 loves Roblox but we recently got a warning about it from school and I've discovered it has a chat function which she swears she is only using with her friends (i.e. people she knows in rl). Can anyone tell me if there is a way to lock it so that dd is limited in who she talks to and other ways to make it safe or is this game just a "no no"?

MrsFogi Tue 07-Nov-17 13:14:34

Bumping in case there are any MNers that have a clue.

delilahbucket Tue 07-Nov-17 13:17:10

They have to add each other in order to chat so as long as you have the conversation about not adding strangers and keep an eye on the game as they are chatting then it should be ok.

Brandnewbrighttomorrow Sun 12-Nov-17 22:21:45

We had an esafety presentation from two policemen - they said there wasn’t any means of making Roblox safe. See their Facebook group for more info:

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