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Group Chats - “four plus” ??

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CauliflowerSqueeze Thu 26-Oct-17 12:08:50

Has anyone heard of a group chat called something like “four +” ??

Students at school are using this, saying that the terms and conditions don’t state they have to be over 13. I’d like to check this out.

CauliflowerSqueeze Thu 26-Oct-17 16:11:58


12thmonkey Thu 02-Nov-17 11:01:50

its a messaging app that doesn't require you to give any information and sign up or create an account so it avoids the age restriction on registration.

any system is open for abuse especially those that allow anonymity around children. this is one of those occasions when the kids need to be educated about the use of such apps.

i would recommend downloading and using this app yourself to see what its like, if you notice or see any suspicious behaviour etc.

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