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Options for plugging laptop and desktop into screen, mouse, keyboard?

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Hadeda Thu 12-Oct-17 15:45:42

I have a desktop at home with two screens, mouse, keyboard. I work at home quite a bit. Just started a new job and now I have a laptop for work.

The cables for the desktop etc are all down the back of the desk, hard to reach and out of the way of DC and dogs... So plugging the screens, mouse, keyboard into the laptop when I work at home is a serious faff. But using the laptop without them is also far from ideal - it's too small.

Is there some kind of adaptor box that can help? I have a box in the office that I plug the laptop power cable into, so I can work in different offices and just plug into that box and go. I'm not sure though if that would work for a desktop where you plug things directly into the desktop itself? Or is there some other magic bullet I'm missing?

(Before it's suggested, citrix is unfortunately not my magic bullet. I have a citrix log in but, unlike my old job, it doesn't act as if you were on your office PC. Outlook is back to defaults, so the view is wrong and my autosignature is lost (and weirdly copying and pasting from an existing message loses the company logo so that's out). None of my internet favourites are stored. It takes ages to log in and adds in all the plug ins etc each time, so it takes about 20 minutes from time you turn on the PC to when you can start working.)

Any tech geeks have suggestions for me? I've wasted nearly an hour with it this afternoon so feeling like I Must Do Something!

4yoniD Sat 14-Oct-17 19:14:06

To plug a laptop instantly into 2 monitors, keyboard and mouse you want a docking station or port replicator. But to switch between the laptop and desktop on the same monitors you want a KVM switch (stands for keyboard video mouse). Must admit I can't tell exactly what your looking for but if you google those hopefully it'll give you somewhere to start?

Hadeda Thu 19-Oct-17 09:30:03

Thank you - knowing what to google is a great help. As you can tell I really don't know what mythical beast I need to solve this!

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