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Is my laptop broken - hard drive light won't come on and screen is blank

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citylover Sun 08-Apr-07 20:42:37

It's only three months old and was working OK until one night last week. The children had been using it immediately prior - playing a game. They are usually very careful with it.

The power, wireless and battery light come on but nothing else.

I think this might be serious -does anyone know?

Its a Philips notebook.


bubbles4 Mon 09-Apr-07 04:49:28

can you give you support line a ring,i have a desktop pc made by phillips and it kept turning itself off,i phoned the helpline and they sorted it out for me.

alipiggie Mon 09-Apr-07 05:49:17

There's also another trick you can try. Pop out the battery and then pop it back in and try again. I had the same problem with my Toshiba and that worked a treat.

citylover Mon 09-Apr-07 19:18:26

Thanks I will give those things a try.

citylover Tue 10-Apr-07 13:36:29

Phone the support line - must say they were very good (Curry's - I did vow that I would never buy anything from there again).

And they think the motherboard is broken/faulty and a courier is coming to collect it tomorrow!


Toots Mon 15-Jun-09 11:44:43

Just tried Alipiggie's battery manoeuvure - Resultamundo!!!!!!!

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