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iPad Pro Cracked Screen

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TheNewMrsTomHardy Tue 16-May-17 19:45:41

Hi all - I dropped my iPad and now have four cracks on the screen.
My local repair centre has said that as it's a pro, they won't touch it and Apple have said ...

When a iPad screen is damaged we can not repair the screen itself. We will have to replace the entire iPad. We are showing the iPad does not have the Apple Care +. There will be a out of warranty fee to replace the iPad of £356.44

Does anyone know if this is now my only option? Has anyone had any experience of this?


CruelAndUnusualParenting Thu 18-May-17 14:33:50

Looks like it won't be cheap. QuickMobileFix look a bit cheaper, at least for the 9.7" ipad pro.

I have used them myself. I wasn't impressed with their communication, but the results were fine.

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