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Now TV/Netflix/Kodi/Firesticks/Amazon Prime ?????????????????

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WeAllHaveWings Fri 12-May-17 22:26:37

I am totally confused by all of above! What do I need/want?

I want to spend as little money as possible on TV. We currently we have BT Vision ~£9/month which is fine for most things we watch.

DS(13) has a monthly Netflix subscription ~£6/month which he watches on his Smart TV in his bedroom.

dh pays for occasional Now TV day Sports Passes (£7 each probably average once a month) to watch old firm games.

We have a ~8 year old TV downstairs so if we want to stream Now TV live football or watch Netflix together we bring ds's Xbox One downstairs.

If we are ok with standard TV, but if we want to watch the very occasional Sky Sports live football game and a couple of films each month what is the best value piece of kit for us to have on our TV?

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