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Amazon Household - privacy issue

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ClodTheGoat Mon 17-Apr-17 22:59:53

I don't remember doing this but apparently years ago I set up Amazon Household and added my partner. I think the benefit was shared prime membership and digital content.

Roll forward few years and we have separated. I've just used Kindle after few months of not. When I went on Amazon it gave me option to log in with his details -I did (sorry!)

However it took me to MY account. So I could see my order history etc. I've now deleted him from Household.

Does this mean when he logged in from his own device he could see my account? I've bought books about getting over broken heart etc so I am mortified.

ClodTheGoat Mon 17-Apr-17 23:00:50

*I can't log in as him now I have deleted him from Household

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