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Bad wifi

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winkywinkola Sun 16-Apr-17 23:38:27

We are with Vodafone.

Our wifi is so poor. We can't connect with our phones in every room. We can't get TV beyond BBC IPlayer which regularly cuts out. It's very poor.

What do we do? Who do we contact to help us improve connectivity and get live TV working again?

Sorry to sound helpless.

YourOtherLeft Sun 16-Apr-17 23:51:52

Have you tried turning the router off and back on again? If that doesn't help, or only helps briefly, the router is probably faulty. Call Vodafone for tech support.

thedevilandme Mon 17-Apr-17 00:02:59

It sounds like there's a couple of things going on here.

If there's problems streaming etc. then it's a supply issue, you may not be getting the speed/bandwidth you are paying for. Google "speed test" to run a test to see what you are getting (Ookla is one of them).

If wifi connectivity is bad, it's probably the router hardware itself. Unfortunately the hardware offered by providers is pretty terrible cheapest-of-the-cheap crap. Buying a better Asus-TPLink-Netgear router with proper ariels is normally the best solution to get better coverage. Your providers website should have information on how to set up a router to use their service.

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