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Fail proof way to get photos off my iPhone?

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Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 08:50:03

I have about 3/4 years worth of photos on my phone and I have no storage left... I have an iCloud account but I want to wipe off say 2/3 years to make room on my phone.... what's the safest way to do this as I don't want to lose the photos and I worry iCloud isn't that safe?


Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 12:44:10


shirleycartersaidso Tue 11-Apr-17 12:51:42

I'm a bit neurotic about losing my photos so I save them all to icloud, then I have them on an external hard drive and my laptop. Tend to download them all every couple of months or so so it doesn't become a mammoth task. I file them all by month / year.

AlmostNQT Tue 11-Apr-17 12:53:23

There's an app called "photobucket"

You can upload them all onto there then delete them from your camera roll.

You can also access the photos from the website on your computer too smile

It's really easy to use!

JennyOnAPlate Tue 11-Apr-17 12:54:18

I save mine onto my laptop and also onto an external hard drive as back up. Deleting from your iPhone will also delete from iCloud won't it? Mine does.

dorothymichaels Tue 11-Apr-17 12:56:26

I have this issue, phone won't work any more. DH is amazon prime member so putting them all there - they have unlimited storage. Transferring is a pain though. I've put them all on my Mac hard disc for now and will then get him to upload.

Or you could get a dropbox account and backup to there?

Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 13:03:38

So photobucket.... so surely outing an app on my phone that keeps the photos just adds to storage doesn't it??

Ah man didn't know that about iCloud!! What's the purpose of iCloud then?

I have a laptop, how do you save them? Email them all to yourself and download...?

Groovee Tue 11-Apr-17 13:07:49

I use Flickr to save all my photos after losing a laptop with memories.

AnnieAnoniMouse Tue 11-Apr-17 13:09:51

I need to sort mine out too. Just hanging about for the great advice!

Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 13:13:50

Flickr... how does that work? Is it an app? If you store apps on the phone surely it still takes up storage?

MuttsNutts Tue 11-Apr-17 13:19:24

iCloud is useless. As a previous poster said, if you delete photos from your phone, the next time you do a back up to iCloud they are deleted from there as well. Lots of people don't know that.

I use Google Photos (and Google Drive) which enable me to view all my photos on all my devices (phone iPad and laptop). It's really good.

Groovee Tue 11-Apr-17 13:27:41

It's online storage so you don't use up phone storage. I use it from my laptop too.

Groovee Tue 11-Apr-17 13:29:37

I've just checked and my photos are 6GB on my phone while flickr uses 584MB on my phone.

shirleycartersaidso Tue 11-Apr-17 14:13:27

Connect your phone to laptop via USB and copy them over - much quicker.

Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 14:21:29

BUt what I'm worried about with the laptop, this year the laptop died and I couldn't get the photos off it as they were stored on the laptop only? So I need a back up...

MuttsNutts Tue 11-Apr-17 16:40:00

That's why you need an online back up and ideally back up to a hard drive as well (but I never get round to that). Whatever device you back up to can become corrupted so keeping them online, on Google Photos for example, is safer imo.

AliciaMayEmory Tue 11-Apr-17 16:44:13

I use Google photos too. They are saved to your Google account so you can delete them from your devices to free up storage but it doesn't delete them from your account. You can​ view them on any device that you can log into Google on, so laptop, phone or tablet and if your device breaks you have haven't lost any pictures.

TheDrsDocMartens Tue 11-Apr-17 17:16:24

Dropbox and Amazon both have apps you can back up your phone to.

Purplerainbow Tue 11-Apr-17 18:22:34

Google box sounds like an idea then. How do they go from phone onto the actual google account? (Sorry I'm rubbish at tech!)

MuttsNutts Tue 11-Apr-17 22:35:10

You just download the app from the App Store (or Play Store on Android) then go into Settings in the app and set it to back up to your gmail account (easy to set up if you don't already have one).

Then, as if by magic, it will take a copy of all your photos and videos from your phone and store them in your gmail account. Download the app onto all your devices and you will be able to see them all anywhere as long as you have internet access (3g or wifi).

You can then delete them from your phone storage to make space and every time you take another photo or video it will automatically be copied to Google Photos.

AllllGooone Tue 11-Apr-17 22:38:01

So glad I'm not the only person with this problem!

Olivialoves Tue 11-Apr-17 22:38:32

Open 'My computer' on a windows PC, or Finder on Mac
Click on phone. Open folders. Select all pics. Right click. Copy.
Desktop- right click, new folder. Open folder. Right click. Paste photos. Then go back and delete off phone.
Back up laptop.
You can still get old photos off your old laptop. Take the hard disk to an independent computer shop and chances are they will be able to get them.

Olivialoves Tue 11-Apr-17 22:39:16

Also, spend £40 and get yourself a USB back up drive!

MuttsNutts Tue 11-Apr-17 22:56:48

I lost hundreds of photos when my laptop died a few years ago and they could not be retrieved (something to do with the motherboard?). Never again.

And however religiously you back up to your laptop and/or hard drive, unless you do it after every photo you take, if your phone dies, you will lose some. With Google Photos every photo is automatically backed up as soon as it is taken.

Purplerainbow Wed 12-Apr-17 06:03:31

I hate technology at times sad need to crack on with this!

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