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New Phone Internet Problems

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FagAshMIL Fri 07-Apr-17 08:56:48

Got a new android. Set up so that I am connected to WiFi at home and switches to non WiFi when not, not sure of the technical term. It just means when I leave the house I can use the internet automatically unless I sign in to someone elses WiFi. Except it doesn't work! No problems previously with this on my old phone. Now if I am out I have to physically turn off the WiFi setting or it tries to connect to the nearest WiFi setting, total pain as I often don't have the password. Yes, I can ask if in a cafe but when I'm in a massive shopping centre or even just standing at a bloody bus stop next to someone's house?? Really pissing me off. Why won't it just switch over? Am sure settings are correct. Any advice?

amicissimma Tue 11-Apr-17 13:51:27

As most people are assumed to prefer to use WiFi rather than their data allowance, given the choice, phones tend to be set up to default to WiFi whenever it's available (even if that requires the user to log in).

The way round this would just be to tap the WiFi icon on your phone to turn off the WiFi every time you leave the house. And, obviously, to tap it on again when you come home.

i suppose you might find an app that would over-ride this. There's something called Tasker that manipulates how certain apps use data, but I've no idea what it really does or whether it would help you.

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